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Contact Center

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Telemarketers are marketing and sales professionals who will call your prospective leads to sell products and services. Telemarketers work in a variety of industries, typically in a remote office, and can make many calls per day. We can conduct b2b (business to business) or b2c (business to consumer) telemarketing.

Customer Service Representative

We provide customer service representatives who are quick on their feet, excel at having good conversations with customers, demonstrate mastery of the product/service, and maintain a positive attitude despite negative interactions. They have exceptional communication skills and can seamlessly switch between tasks.

Lead Generators

Lead generation is the process of generating interest in your business and converting prospects into paying customers over time. Some individuals still associate lead generation with massive email blasts and aggressive salespeople.

what we can do:

  • Target the right customers – Businesses can concentrate their efforts on specific markets, thereby saving money and increasing sales (improved ROI).
  • Increased brand recognition – Lead generation can also increase brand recognition and reputation. When people discover your brand, you will be able to provide them with additional information about product characteristics and advantages.
  • Possibility to collect important marketing information from prospects – Lead generation has the potential to collect valuable marketing information from prospects. Customer information such as needs, desires, and preferences can assist you in customizing your product or service to meet the requirements of your customers. Companies, for instance, can obtain this information via registration forms.
  • Brand Loyalty – Businesses can create larger communities of like-minded customers, which, in turn, can increase customer loyalty.

Remote Medical Staff

Equalle is a cost-effective option for hiring in-house employees that provides versatility as your business grows.  Our goal is to provide numerous services that might alleviate the workload of overworked healthcare personnel.

Here is a closer look at some of the most important healthcare services that we offer:

  1. Medical Scribe

We are prepared to bet that whether you are the managing partner of a small private practice or a faculty member at a large hospital, you are familiar with the burden of medical documentation. Equalle offers a remedy for your documentation problem. By hiring a medical scribe, you will have more time to devote to patient care, yourself, and your family. Additionally, a scribe increases net revenue for many busy providers such as yourself by allowing you to schedule more consultations. This alone can cover the cost of your scribe. Practices that may not need a full-time scribe benefit from the flexibility offered by our virtual scribe. With us, you only pay the scribe when their services are needed, hence reducing your costs.


  • Our well-trained scribes can observe a patient visit, extract medically relevant information, and document it on behalf of the physician.
  • They allow physicians to step away from their computers or their notepads, engage more with their patients, and give outstanding care.
  • Scribes ease the documentation burden for physicians, ease their workload, and mitigate burnout, all while operating at low hourly wages.
  1. Data Entry

Equalle values data security and we placed a high priority on protecting patients’ data. We develop strong data security measures in-house and provided an intensive training program to our employees. We guarantee that our employees are highly skilled and thrive in their specialties.


  • Maintain complete and accurate patient data, medical histories, and profiles.
  • Customize hospital, private, and public practice workflows.
  • Create effective data collection techniques and transfer relevant details to databases or systems.
  • Translate traditional, historical, and handwritten documents to clear internet formats.
  1. Remote Healthcare Customer Service Representative

Patients base their healthcare decisions on a practice’s customer service, accessibility, and affordability. Boosting patient satisfaction in healthcare is a well-known and proven strategy for winning the hearts of patients. Our Remote Healthcare Customer Service Representatives are equipped to perform service- and information-related tasks on behalf of a medical provider or healthcare facility and are a practical alternative for improving healthcare customer service.


  • Assist in scheduling appointments online
  • Providing prompt and accurate customer service by ensuring that patient inquiries are addressed and that they are directed to the right resources for assistance with their medical problems.
  • Patients are contacted to notify them of any changes or to learn about their overall experience with the practice
  • Ensures better patient engagement and experience all the time
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